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Model railway layouts come into existence from a variety of starting points, some logical and planned, others less so. The Coventry Model Railway Club ‘Anderby Creek’ layout is one of those products of chance.

It started with a memberwho had decided on the layout name, unaware that such a place actually existed and had decided to build it as a dockside layout, in a mythical West Country location. When the baseboards and the some of the basic idea had come into existence, the member died, and the embryo layout was offered to the club.

The decision was made to relocate the layout to LNER territory, on the Lincolnshire coast, where, believe it or not, there is the hamlet of, yes – Anderby Creek.

The track plan was drawn up and things began to take shape. The scenery and buildings have a slightly austere appearance, with red brick and tiles. As ever, additional ideas came into the equation, which added further character.

To fit in with the LNER image, and the location, the layout uses ex-Great Northern prototypes, and LNER standard types but, typically, some incomers too

Electrically, fairly conventional lines were followed, and now includes full station and yard lighting plus variable white overhead LED lighting

Control at present remains in the hands of basic analogue controllers; coupling and uncoupling is done via under track magnets.

This layout is available for exhibitions! Click HERE for details.

Anderby Creek

Come along and visit the clubroom at our 2018 Open Weekend on 8/9 September

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