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We know that visitors to exhibitions don’t like standing about waiting for ages trains to appear.  Our aim at exhibitions is to keep something in motion at all times.  This is what people have paid to come and see after all.

To do this, the layout is basically divided into three areas of interest.  

1) The dock, where the tram engine does its work shunting goods wagons

2) The station, where we do more shunting of passenger stock and goods stock in both

3) The non-scenic turntable, which is which where trains are readied for appearance on the layout.


Interested in inviting One of our layouts To your exhibition?  Read on ...

Currently our layout, Anderby Creek, is available for exhibitions.  It was at Daventry and Warley in 2016 and is planned to be at several exhibitions in 2017.  We are taking provisional bookings for 2018 for this layout.

Details of the layout are as follows:

This layout was the ‘Layout of the Month’ in December 2016 edition of Railway Modeller!

Exhibition managers who are interested in having our layouts at their exhibition can contact either:

the secretary

E-mail secretary at


the webmaster

email: webmaster at



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